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Business Buy Sell Agreement Checklist

Depending on how the sale is structured, buyers and sellers can expect to gather many types of additional documents and other relevant information. Please check the following selection and select the ones that apply to your situation: The purchase and sale contract is the central document involved in the sale of a business. This agreement clearly defines everything that is included in the sale, including: Transferring ownership of a business – whether you are the buyer or the seller – can be a complex and time-consuming process that involves many different legal requirements, forms and documents. If you`re not an expert, it`s too easy to miss something important and potentially delay or even jeopardize the transaction. That`s why we`ve put together this general guide. It summarizes the issues associated with a business sale and lists many documents that both parties will use to ensure that due diligence is done, regardless of the sector or structure of the sale. We may also provide more specific questions that apply to transactions involving different types of sellers, buyers or types of purchases. Unless otherwise stated, “the Company” means the business for sale. The first step in any transfer of business ownership is to gather basic facts about the business. Make sure both parties have access to the following information: Time to avoid disputes is before they occur. In our experience, the fears of owners that arise when dealing with each other are inversely proportional to the effort they make to deal with business problems if they arise.

Dealing with these eventualities before they manifest themselves is the secret to a harmonious business relationship with other owners. Legal fees as well as sleepless nights are minimized if you now accept the “what if”. Use the following checklist to identify areas where you may need help. Answer yes or no to each question. To ensure that all aspects of the business sale process are fully documented and complete, we recommend that any transfer of business ownership include the following documents and information: Purchase/Sale Agreements – Does your business have the essential simulation questions? Next, we recommend that you compile the appropriate set of basic entity documents:. . .

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