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Harvard Billing Agreements

To approve a billing agreement for outgoing interns, SPA requires the completed billing agreement template (provided by SPA) with the completed appointment declaration for the covered intern. Billing agreements are legal agreements between institutions to facilitate the reimbursement of staff and students at one institution working on a sponsored project at the other institution. Departments must continue to follow local procedures for the execution and management of outbound billing arrangements. Outbound billing agreements offer a refund for non-Harvard employees and students at another institution working on a sponsored project at Harvard University. The management and monitoring of outbound billing agreements, including billing, is the responsibility of the field unit at the local level and is not implemented in GMAS. Inbound billing agreements include the reimbursement of the salary of Harvard employees and students working at another institution on a sponsored project. Because inbound billing agreements are configured in GMAS, the OSP Research Finance Post Award Operations (PAO) team prepares monthly invoices for billing agreements in GMAS, using the expenses associated with each closing of the general ledger. The department or local administrative unit is responsible for posting the transactions in the billing agreement in the general ledger. Ongoing reconciliations of settlement agreement accounts should be done as with any other sponsored fund, as OSP Research Finance creates invoices based on transactions in the general ledger.

Any additional expenses are excluded from invoicing and must be waived by the department/administrative unit at the local level as part of its ongoing vote. The PSO`s cash management team processes settlement agreement payments, deposits income into the sponsored fund, and updates receivables in GMAS. The PAO team coordinates the collection of unpaid invoices for billing agreements and involves the management unit at the department/local level if necessary. Inbound billing agreements make it easy to reimburse Harvard University employees and students working on a sponsored project at another institution. Inbound billing agreements are set up in GMAS and OSP Research Finance completes the billing. A billing agreement is a binding agreement between two local institutions that is used when a researcher/researcher/trainee is an employee of one institution and works at another local institution. Billing agreements apply to the. Did you know that inbound billing contracts* can now be configured in GMAS and billed by OSP Research Finance? Please visit us for an overview of the new process in GMAS. This Zoom webinar details the new GMAS features released in early September, including the roles and responsibilities of departments, pre-allocation offices, and research funding. The adoption of the guidelines for the settlement agreement is that the staff covered by the settlement agreement has been included in the budget and that the beneficiary and non-beneficiary institution has agreed that a settlement agreement is appropriate at the time of the proposal. A settlement agreement does not pay any of the terms and conditions of the Grand Prize to the establishment without a beneficiary; it is simply a mechanism by which the beneficiary`s institution can reimburse the non-beneficiary for the salary and ancillary costs of certain project staff. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the creation of the billing contract, please contact [email protected].

A billing agreement may be issued by a non-sponsored funding source in circumstances similar to sponsored billing agreements, but with variations in the process depending on the particular circumstances. Contact the SPA-SRA assigned to your department for more information on non-sponsored billing agreements. If the work is done at Harvard and Harvard reimburses another institution for the salary and utilities of its employees, the agreement is called an outgoing settlement agreement. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterBoston Children`s HospitalBrigham and Women`s HospitalCambridge Health AllianceDana-Farber Cancer InstituteHarvard Pilgrim Health Care InstituteHebrew SeniorLifeHSDM Affiliate: The Forsyth InstituteJoslin Diabetes CenterJudge Baker Children`s CenterMassachusetts Eye and EarMassachusetts General HospitalMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMcLean HospitalMount Auburn HospitalNational Bureau of Economic ResearchSpaulding Rehabilitation HospitalThe Broad InstituteVeterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System The Office of Sponsored Programs reviews the draft BA with the ministry and signs the agreement on behalf of HU. Registration: Please register for this session using the login function below. Zoom/call details will be sent to registrants before the session starts. The department (each academic unit, including departments, centers, institutes, programs, etc.) Grants Manager (GM) or equivalent works with the affiliated institution to obtain the BA project. . To process the billing agreement, the other institution must be an institution affiliated with Harvard University (listed below). For the detailed business process, see Enter a sponsored inbound billing contract in GMAS. This process only informs incoming sponsored billing agreements that can only be concluded with our partner institutions, mit, Broad Institute and NBER.

All other iterations of BA should follow existing practices established in your local unit. A billing contract is generally appropriate in the case of a training price in the following circumstances: Please note that policies and guidelines may be revised, and that some guidelines and guidelines referenced in previous blog posts may have been updated since the date of initial publication of the messages. If you have any questions about whether a policy or guide referenced in an older blog post is still in effect, please visit the Policies and Guidelines section of our website or contact your OSP representative. . To process an inbound billing contract, the following criteria must be met: The entry of sponsored billing agreements entering the GMAS guidelines for the GMAS entry for incoming sponsored billing agreements is attached and can be viewed on the Develop a Proposal page of the OSP website. * Inbound billing agreements are intended for Harvard employees or interns working at another institution on research related to a sponsored fellowship * This document describes the process for inbound billing agreements (BAs) with sponsored funds. Compliance avoids double paycheques and benefit plans, and ensures appropriate reimbursement of personnel costs (salary, margins, scholarships, tuition, travel and training) if a Harvard employee or intern (the primary employer or “non-recipient institution”) works at another local institution (the primary recipient of a prize or “primary institution”). This document covers the processes for BAs; Salary and scholarships for BAs interns; and BA changes in all cases where Harvard is the non-scholarship institution (i.e., incoming BAs).

BAs, among which Harvard is the leading institution, are subject to separate processes. BAs without a sponsored funding source should continue to be processed at the local level and NOT included in GCMS. .

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