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I-129 Trade Agreement Supplement

For visa status related to free trade agreements, a Form I-129 is only required if the worker changes status while in the United States. Workers located outside the United States can apply directly for a visa based on their job offer and other supporting documents. The statutes include: Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker is a form submitted to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that is used by employers or potential employers to obtain (or change) an employee with nonimmigrant visa status. Form I-129 is used to apply for a new status or change of status, that is, a new.B, continuous or modified employer or title. or an amendment to the original application. Approval of the form authorizes the employee to begin or continue their work at the site (on or after the specified start date) if they are already in the United States. If the employee is not yet in the United States, an approved Form I-129 can be used to file a visa application related to that status. The form is 36 pages long (8 pages for the main form and the remaining pages for various additions, not all of which can be applied to all petitions) and the instructions for the form are 29 pages long. [1] This is one of the many USCIS immigration forms. For each of the classifications for which Form I-129 may be submitted, there are associated visa classes for dependents (spouses and minor children), such as the H-4 visa for H visa holders and the O-3 visa for O visa holders.

Those who are already present in the United States and wish to transition to dependent status can file Form I-539 for Change of Status. [7] Whether a person holds a single-entry or multiple-entry visa, the applicant may need to apply for a visa multiple times if they travel multiple times outside the United States. Each of these visa applications is based on the same approved Form I-129, which serves as the basis for the employee`s current work permit. Those who have already taken a job may also need to provide additional evidence showing that they have worked for the employer to whom their status has been associated since the start date. [8] Form I-129 has nothing to do with Form I-129F, a form used by fiancées of citizens and permanent residents to acquire fiancée(s) status as a nonimmigrant, generally with the intention of applying for an adjustment of status upon arrival in the United States. [9] For visa classifications that require Form I-129, a person outside the United States must apply for the appropriate visa. The visa application must include an approved Form I-129 as well as other supporting documents required for visa status. [6] For the following articles, a Form I-129 must always be submitted for initial employment, as well as for renewal of status or modification of employment details:[1][2]. .

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