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Costguard Vehicle Service Contract

Vehicles with higher mileage require a higher mileage plan. With the protective car maintenance plan, you can give your customers peace of mind that their vehicle purchases are covered for some of the most expensive repair costs. You can also count on it to be managed by an R&I industry leader you can rely on. The United States Warranty Corp. Edge is a high-mileage vehicle maintenance contract designed to protect you from the cost of unplanned repairs. The Vehicle Theft Protection engraving product is an engraved and clearly traceable identifier engraved on the outer window of several windows of the vehicle. The identification system for protection against vehicle theft is a solution in which a unique identifier is marked on the hidden areas of the vehicle body. Vehicle theft protection provides cash benefits of up to $5,000. The United States Warranty Corp. The combined VSC plan covers a vehicle maintenance contract and offers optional road hazard and maintenance plans. Today`s new advanced automotive technology is incredible.

Software, communications, media, security and surveillance systems are just some of today`s demanding innovations, not to mention the growth of alternative drives (hybrids, stop/start, hydrogen, etc.). And the industry is poised to make even more revolutionary advances: autonomous vehicles. In addition to a range of new and used vehicle protection plans, we also offer limited warranty programs, GAP PRODUCTS and ancillary products. Many of our vehicle protection plans include emergency roadside assistance, towing, and rental vehicle coverage (availability may vary by state). The key repair or replacement plan includes the repair or replacement of vehicle keys/remote controls that have been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, including any applicable programming. Coverage is capped at $800 per covered repair or replacement. We replace a vehicle key/remote control every 12 months from the date of purchase of the contract during the term of the contract. The Certified Plus Limited Warranty Program combines a plus powertrain warranty with exclusion coverage as well as the additional benefits of 24/365 roadside assistance, car rental refund, and trip interruption coverage, all in one contract. Peace of mind – that`s the bottom line. With Protective, retailers offer the promise that a customer is protected in the event of a hidden mechanical failure. With over 55 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted industry leader offering a variety of vehicle protection plans that serve both franchised and independent dealers. The maintenance program is a convenient and cost-effective way to keep you informed of your recommended factory maintenance.

This program offers three levels of coverage and several maintenance intervals. The Protective Vehicle Protection Plan is designed to adapt to the growth of technology in today`s vehicles. The automotive industry is seeing a demand for more advanced electronic, technological, safety and alternative power systems. The plan is better suited to meet these growing needs of today and tomorrow. The plan provides coverage for both new and used vehicles. . Ancillary asset protection products can stand on their own or be combined to achieve your trader`s specific goals and deliver maximum value to your clients. .

Two different anti-theft deterrent options are available to meet the different needs of traders. The color and fabric plan provides exterior paint, interior fabric, vinyl and leather protection, and tear protection for cracks less than two inches long or perforations less than 1/4 inch long. . The Vehicle Protection Plan also offers optional coverage for: A packing cover is also available. Wrap Coverage is designed to wrap manufacturers` coverage programs. The highlights of the packaging cover include: 3 in 1: Tire and Wheel + Paintless Bump Repair + Key Repair and Replacement Protection provides a comprehensive paint-free bump repair (PDR) plan that covers small bumps and bumps up to four inches in diameter that can be completely repaired using PDR methods. * Additional benefits: Towing and lockout compensation as well as replacement transportation The Tire & Wheel product covers the repair or, if it is not repairable, the replacement of tires or wheels damaged by road hazards. Tire and wheel repairs and replacements also include the following (if applicable): Vehicle Protection Plan highlights include: Up to $250 to replace other non-programmable keys that have been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. . CLICK HERE to learn more about the powertrain warranty for Life United States Warranty Corp. Total Term Protection includes the following benefits: Strengths of The United States Warranty Corp VSC plan include: CLICK HERE to learn more about the Protected Vehicle Protection Plan with certified Plus Limited Warranty, Franchised car dealerships have a program that can replace most OEM warranties and help sell more. Wear and tear of Protective Asset Protection protects customers from final rental fees, including:.


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